“Working with Eric for the past four months has been a truly transformational experience. Before I met him, I was anxious and scared to step foot in a gym, and the thought of working out and eating properly to lose weight and gain strength was overwhelming. From day one, he was supportive, encouraging, and understanding, and gave me the much-needed confidence, motivation, and knowledge to start my fitness journey. Since then, I’ve lost over 40 pounds, my body fat dropped by more than 15%, and I’ve never felt better. More importantly, I gained a newfound sense of confidence and self-esteem, and I’m no longer scared of the gym, exercising, or eating. I legitimately thought I was destined to be overweight and out of shape forever, and I am incredibly grateful for Eric’s support in helping me overcome so many of my predetermined mental and physical limits. Reaching out to Eric and deciding to work with him has been the best thing I could have done for myself!”




“Working out with Eric is the highlight of my day. I have worked with a few different trainers in my day. I recall trying to avoid them or cancelling my appointments because I did not want to see them. That is never the case with Eric. I always look forward to seeing him because I know I am going to have fun and get a quality workout. I have lost 40 pounds with Eric and I dropped 2 dress sizes. I am stronger than I have ever been and reaching lifting goals I never thought possible. Eric pushes me farther than I would go myself because he believes in me and he knows I can succeed.

One of Eric’s greatest qualities is his desire to learn. He is constantly researching new techniques to aid in obtaining fitness goals. He has thorough knowledge of the body’s anatomy, which he uses to ensure the appropriate body part is being challenged. Eric doesn’t just focus on the body. He understands that you have to incorporate the mental and emotional aspects of your life in order to be successful. He looks at the big picture items that you are facing to address your entire wellbeing. Overall, Eric truly cares about you on multiple levels. He treats you like a family member and I will be forever grateful for his role in making my quality of life better.” –VANESSA

“Three months ago I presented Eric with a pretty tall order; to be in great shape for my 40th birthday. I hadn’t worked out in a couple years in any consistent manner and was the heaviest/least fit I’d ever been. Clearly not one to back a way from a challenge, we started training immediately. Through nutrition coaching, a very detailed workout plan (new every week) and some tough love, I have to say I’m blown away at the results. I feel the best I have in years, lost inches where I needed to and gained more muscle than I thought was possible in that time frame. I felt amazing turning 40 and can’t wait to see the results after another 3 months!”


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