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We get asked the question all the time…should I take supplements and, if so, which should I take?   Whole foods are generally the best sources of Macro nutrient (Carbs-Proteins-Fats) and Micro nutrients (Vitamins and Minerals), however, in world of constantly-busy people, we cannot always meet these Macro and Micro nutrient needs fully and consistently with whole foods alone.  This is where the ultra-high-quality supplementation of Isagenix products comes into play.   In an industry unregulated by the FDA and USDA, there is extreme variance in production quality, ingredient utilization, safety and efficacy of many common supplements (vitamins, protein powders, pre and post workout drinks, etc.).  Isagenix uses only the highest quality ingredients in their formulations plus adheres to the strictest of manufacturing standards.  Isagenix.com

“A recent UIC study found subjects on Isagenix products lost more body fat, lost more visceral fat, showed greater adherence, and showed greater improvement across several cardiovascular biomarkers in comparison to a leading “heart‐healthy” diet.”  (read more about this study: click here)
(Additional independent study info: click here)


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