Avenger Fitness Healthy Tip of the Week – July 5th, 2017

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How To (make) Amazing-Tasting & Super-Macros-Friendly Cauliflower Rice!

Ever try cauliflower rice before?  Ever been wildly disappointed in the taste and texture?  You’re not alone…in fact we couldn’t even get through the check out line at our local Costco without hearing: “You really like that stuff?  How do you cook it because it was mushy and nasty when I prepared it…” 

Truly…it’s ALL in the preparation and cooking!

Cauliflower rice is simply chopped up cauliflower florets in a rather fine grain that takes on the appearance of white rice.  We assure you, however, it’s just pure cauliflower.  And, unlike white rice, it’s VERY low in carbs yet nutritious and quite filling (volumizing) as well.  We would not advise making your own as it’s quite the sloppy and time-consuming endeavor even with a high quality food processor.   Rather, hit your local Costco for a bag of organic pre-washed and ready to cook cauliflower rice as shown in the picture below.

Now for the super simple preparation and cooking instructions for achieving amazing taste, texture, and flavor:

1.) Pre-heat your oven BROILER to 400 degrees and make sure the top oven rack is down at least one level from the top coils.

2.) Begin by weighing out a portion or two (we’d recommend a minimum of two portions as the cauliflower shrinks/dehydrates by over 50% of its weight and volume through cooking).

3.) Place the cauliflower rice in an oven-safe glass Pyrex or like dish that has enough surface area to spread the rice out rather thinly.  This will ensure proper crisping and texture.   We’d recommend giving the dish a light coating with cooking spray first to ensure the rice doesn’t stick.

4.) Next give a few squirts of the cooking spray over the top of the cauliflower rice and season generously with some salt and pepper.  Feel free to experiment with some of your other favorite herbs and spices as well including granulated garlic!

5.)  Place the oven-safe dish under the broiler and set the timer for about 10 minutes.  Watch it closely to ensure it doesn’t over cook or burn.  About 5 minutes in, give the cauliflower a good stir in the dish to ensure even cooking and browning.  The high heat of the broiler will cause the cauliflower rice to turn a golden brown and slightly crisp up unlocking a great flavor and much-enhanced texture.

6.) Pull out of the oven when it appears adequately crispy and golden then ENJOY!

Cauliflower rice makes an amazing side dish addition to any meal!  Also, try using the cooked cauliflower rice as a bed and place over it some sauteed spinach and a protein such as shredded chicken, ground turkey, or ground bison!  For another volumizing meal option (particularly when cutting or for our clients with lower carbohydrate Macros numbers), try mixing two servings of cauliflower rice with 1/2 a serving of regular white rice as a side dish or as a bed for proteins and vegetables.  This will fill you up with 1/2 the carbs!

We guarantee if you’ve tried cauliflower rice before and haven’t prepared it and cooked it using this method, you MUST try it once again!  You WON’T be disappointed…


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